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Yvette Jordan Biog_edited.jpg

Yvette Jordan


Yvette Jordan is an artist known for her intricate detailing, flowing lines and jewel like colour coupled with high visual impact.

Living and working in Great Wymondley, Yvette studied at Keele University and then later on at the University of Hertfordshire.

If I could pinpoint a time that helped develop my style it was helping my sister illustrate her school project on the Commedia Dell Arte. I remember drawing the harlequin figure and being utterly transfixed on how to convey movement and expression through the figure. Today I love to stylise and exaggerate to create drama and movement, I am strongly influenced by both colour and dramatic impact. I like to think of each work as a performance.”

Yvette’s work has been adapted for a wealth of products from cross stitch to compact mirrors and is particularly suited to goods that reflect the same love of quality, style and sophistication that Yvette’s art celebrates.

Our Artists are able to do commission pieces. If you see a painting that is sold they will be more than happy to do something similar for you. Please contact us for more information. 

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