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Stuart Bass

Having lived in Sussex all his life, the South Downs and it's ever-changing scenery has always been a source of inspiration to Stuart. By adding a romantic twist to the hills and landscapes he paints, Stuart's work beautifully captures how moonlight changes the mood of a surrounding - offering a dream-like world for us all to escape in and enjoy.

Although a self-taught artist, painting and drawing has always formed an important part of Stuart's life. From an early age he had a passion for drawing city-scapes and countryside scenes. After his formal education he went on to study Theatre design which is where his influence in story telling through his artwork began.


Stuart's unique style of working has been years in the making and is based around applying inks to canvas via a mixture of paint brush and airbrush techniques. The airbrush gives the pictures warmth and depth, and the ink blends in after each layer is applied - sometimes making up to 20 - 30 layers of ink. There is a degree of uncertainty as the layers build up, and it's with great discipline and skill that Stuart knows when to step back from the canvas having produced a perfect painting.

Our Artists are able to do commission pieces. If you see a painting that is sold they will be more than happy to do something similar for you. Please contact us for more information. 

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