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Gary Mossman


As a child Gary always knew what he wanted to pursue. At school he dropped out of every class except art. His art teacher gave him the space to create all day, every day. Lunch break was his display time and the other kids would come to view his work. Gary owes a lot to the support of his art teacher.


After finishing school he discovered the world of tattooing. Knowing how tricky it is to become successful in the art world, he figured it could be a good career path. He was absolutely right! Tattoos have become extremely popular in the mainstream. Thirteen years in the profession has enabled Gary to grow his particular style of realism and become successful in the industry. Having a worldwide client base and extensive waiting list. He acknowledges how lucky he has been finding an art profession with such constant demand.


‘I consider tattooing to be an art form  and I am very grateful to have a job I love. But my true passion has always remained in the rawness of putting charcoal to paper. To make it in the fine art world, that’s a real goal!’   Gary Mossman


Our Artists are able to do commission pieces. If you see a painting that is sold they will be more than happy to do something similar for you. Please contact us for more information. 

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